Saturday, December 1, 2007

Yeasayer, Bodies of Water, St Vincent Live

And I am so jealous.

Hip hop hoor-yay! ....sorry.

Yeasayer has a pretty damn good chance at holding the number one spot for me, as far as this past year's albums go. No, I haven't thoroughly listened to Ghostface's new album, and I'm still waiting for the new Girl Talk. Nevertheless, All Hour Cymbals is just that good.

I'm currently listening to an exclusive KEXP live performance from October. You should go get it. I'm pretty sure it's now only available via their iTunes podcast-- just open up the little i and within the store search for KEXP, and find the Live Performances podcast. You will want to subscribe. Just in the past few months they have shows from several of our current favorites. To name just a few: MIA, Pela, Animal Collective, Beirut, Battles, The Twilight Sad, Simian Mobile Disco, Band of Horses. Phew, where does a guy find the time?

And then if you have a few hours to spare, go browse the live performances on the KEXP site. I remember when their alphabetical listing had three sections: A-G, H-M, N-Z. Now there are like seven, and each page is approximately seventeen miles long. Quality and quantity.

After you do that, go support public radio and buy the KEXP Live CD. Or call up your own local public radio station and make a pledge. In Madison? Listen to WORT? Go here.

Back to the live music. Yeasayer's set is simply amazing. They mix some things up a bit by giving some extended or just different intros to a few songs, so you'll reward yourself if you go give it a listen. I really can't wait til these guys start touring outside of NY and that corner.

Go buy their stuff.

Bodies of Water also have an awesome record out. I was quickly hooked, but then admittedly fell victim to the oversaturation I'm always mentioning and I kinda totally forgot about them. Actually, they were replaced with Celebration's killer disc. But recently I picked it back up and so far this weekend it's been played a lot. La Blogotheque had a crack at them recently in the infamous and wonderful-in-their-candidness Takeaway Shows. Here's "I Heard It Sound", from Ears Will Pop and Eyes Will Blink.

Typically, if I see a band dressed like this I judge the book by it's stinky feet and brazen who-the-hell-does-she-think-she-is-by-wearing-that? mentality of "look we're a band!" cover. But they got the goods, so they can do whatever the hell they want. Just like VietNam.

Gorilla vs Bear also has one sweet live video of St. Vincent from a recent in-store. And yes, if you happen to go check it out, I did in fact leave a comment that professes my love to her. Shut up. You do, too. Just look at'er:


Get Marry'd here.

Because I'm now feeling too lazy to post MP3s or go find some myself, following are Hype Machine links to all the other music that has really made my weekend move a little mo betta, so you can go find stuff yourself. Stuff like Animal Collective and Black Dice from earlier this year that I just now got into, and fairly new stuff like Austin, TX's White Denim or the Regina Spektor/St. Vincent morphing that is London's Kate Nash.

Animal Collective
Black Dice
White Denim
Kate Nash
The Cave Singers
Bodies of Water
St. Vincent

Enjoy the snow, localers.


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