Monday, February 25, 2008


Whoa.. it's been a long time..

..I shouldn't have left you..

without a strong rhyme to step to.

Erm.. that was Eric B.. ya know from Eric B & Rakim.. "I Know You Got Soul". Oh, just watch it.


Anyway, wanna know what I've been up to? Well tomorrow I'll give you more of a written documentation with the aid of some photos and more music and.. probably just some random stuff.

But for now all I have is this little snippet of a piece of work that's been taking up virtually all of my weekends and otherwise free time the past couple weeks. It's a very unfinished piece of work which-- due partially to my vilified trait of perfectionism mixed with my OCD tendencies-- may never be completely done. But it's actually closer than anything in its ancestry has ever been to complete doneness.

Without further.. here's the opening five minutes of a little mix with a tentative title. Try to jot down all the samples you recognize. The first 60 seconds is pretty fun; I think there are something 40 different tunes in that little bit.

Teiam Player "Le Snippette"

Hit me back up in.. six months to hear the rest.
Just kidding.. it's chilling right now at about 140 minutes of junk that needs to be condensed, re-editted, etc.

Always interested to hear what you have to say.


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