Monday, December 22, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008

FaveSongs2008: Part Siete

photo by Lea Wolf, courtesy of Ryan @ MuzzBees

Bon Iver is here in Madison, to play at the Barrymore.
My friend Julia has a final tonight at some crazy hour and so she can't see him.
I sent Justin an e-mail via MySpace, asking him if he'd stick around one more night and play at Julia's graduation party tomorrow night, at Cafe Montmartre.
That'd be one hell of a surprise performance.
And we'll just have to wait and see.

One Bon Iver song and several others, as I promised earlier today.

In case you hadn't noticed, by the way, all of the Bon Iver tracks I'm featuring in my FaveSongs series are from his MySpace Transmissions digiEP, which is available free right here.

The EP is comprised of four tracks from his wonderalbum For Emma, Forever Ago, which technically came out [at the very end of] last year. These MST versions are a bit tweaked and refreshing, though, and legit for this 2008 list.

Without further..

Bon Iver - Flume [MySpace Transmissions version]

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Listmongers, get a clue and bookmark this.


Oh, one more thing. Howabout allmighty Pitchfork's end of year list?
Department of Eagles album not cracking the Top 50? [whatever!]
Ratatat not on there at fucking all? [double whatever!]
TV on the Radio in the Top 10?
Kanye on the list period? And no comment about how the T-Paid/Akon sound is four years old?
Fleet Foxes at Numero Uno?
And of course we all expected to see No Age [eh] and Deerhunter [snore] in the Top 10.
So they didn't fail us there.

So.. what are your thoughts?
Sound off in comments below.

What are my thoughts?
Come back next week and see my FaveAlbums2008.

Alright, I have one more final, tomorrow [Saturday] morning @ 10am.

After that, I'm enjoying a beer with lunch,
and then going snowboarding the rest of the day,
and then hopefully see Bon Iver make Julia's party the best ever.
A wonderful weekend, if all that happens.



Tuesday, December 16, 2008

FaveSongs2008: Part Cuatro

Photo by my friend DanZim.

It's snowing again! And it looks to be like a lot.
This means that the temp has risen a little.

And I'm done with rounds one and two of my final exams,
and have a break tomorrow to study.

Which is good, because
I'm spinning @ Natt Spil tonight.

I sort of completely forgot to tell anyone,
and now there's a blizzard on the horizon,
and it's a motherfucking Tuesday, and so
it'll probably be an empty bar most of the night.


What is wonderful? These songs.

Bon Iver - Lump Sum [MySpace Transmissions version]

Don't forget the previous installments:

Go ski.


Monday, December 15, 2008

FaveSongs2008: Part Tres

It's cold here in Madison. 

That middle one is totally wrong-- there's no way it's above 0.

Over the weekend it felt like March of April, 
and a lot of the snow we received last weekend or early last week melted. 

Cars now appear to be parked way too far away from the curb, 
because the three feet of snow that separated them before is now gone. 

My ceiling leaked onto my bed, and now there's a man in flannel and wool on the roof 
trying to fix that, for the third time this year.

And now, all over the city, people and little clumsy dogs are falling on their asses
and cars are unable to move uphill because all that meltoff froze over 
when the temp dropped like 40 degrees overnight.

Warm up with OHWNT favorites:

Catch up with this end-of-year series: part one here and part two here
Bookmark this permalink to come back and get the ones that follow.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

FaveSongs2008: Part Dos

Photo by my friend DanZim.

I'm kinda liking this centered format.
Very poetic.

Without further....
Part two of my favorite songs of 2008
which are being featured in 

If you missed the first 16, 

Cyndi Lauper - High & Mighty [no, srsly, Cyndi Lauper]
Bon Iver - For Emma [MySpace Transmissions version]

Get all of my faves, with minimal commentary, 
all week and next week too, 


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Long Overdue: FaveSongs2008, Part Uno

Photo by my friend DanZim.

I'm at work. Or at least I should be. But I've had "best of" lists on the mind lately, and I've had these types of posts on the agenda for days, weeks even. 

But since I have final exams beginning Tuesday and not ending til Saturday, these will be quick and concise lists. Enough cheering out there.

Check back in the coming days as I'm trying to post 10-15 of my favorite songs of 2008 each day until.... well, until I run out. But that may be a while because I already have over 100 lined up. To make it easy for you, which is always my goal, bookmark this link.

And the only song that receives any ranking here is my bar-none Favorite. Song. Of. The. Year. Period.

ohwnt #1 Favorite. Song. Of. The. Year. Period: 

All the rest [of part uno, that is], in absolutely no fricking order whatsofrickingever:


Friday, November 28, 2008


I've been holding onto some things lately.

It's not even midnight here at my Thanksgiving weekend getaway, but everyone else is in bed [in their defense, everyone else is either under six or over fifty-six years]. And so I'm tired. And bored. I haven't been able to make myself catch up with blogwork or schoolwork, until now. But even now I gotta admit to you guys I'm not totally into it.

I am, however, totally into these guys. All the bands tonight are from Down Under, and all have been getting a lot of rotation in my iPod and iTunes lately. Get all tonight's tunes in a zip, linked at the bottom.

Empire of the Sun from Walking on a Dream

Pnau from Pnau

Bang Gang from Ghost from the Past

And here're some other Aussome Aussie tunes I've shared recently:


All songs in a ~60mb zip.


We sell Aussie music right here in the US even:


Stay tuned for OHWNT's faves of 2008 to come very soon. FaveAlbums2008, FaveSongs2008, and.... no, actually that'll probably about do it for my lists.