Friday, December 19, 2008

FaveSongs2008: Part Siete

photo by Lea Wolf, courtesy of Ryan @ MuzzBees

Bon Iver is here in Madison, to play at the Barrymore.
My friend Julia has a final tonight at some crazy hour and so she can't see him.
I sent Justin an e-mail via MySpace, asking him if he'd stick around one more night and play at Julia's graduation party tomorrow night, at Cafe Montmartre.
That'd be one hell of a surprise performance.
And we'll just have to wait and see.

One Bon Iver song and several others, as I promised earlier today.

In case you hadn't noticed, by the way, all of the Bon Iver tracks I'm featuring in my FaveSongs series are from his MySpace Transmissions digiEP, which is available free right here.

The EP is comprised of four tracks from his wonderalbum For Emma, Forever Ago, which technically came out [at the very end of] last year. These MST versions are a bit tweaked and refreshing, though, and legit for this 2008 list.

Without further..

Bon Iver - Flume [MySpace Transmissions version]

Catch up! ohwnt FaveSongs2008 Parts:

Listmongers, get a clue and bookmark this.


Oh, one more thing. Howabout allmighty Pitchfork's end of year list?
Department of Eagles album not cracking the Top 50? [whatever!]
Ratatat not on there at fucking all? [double whatever!]
TV on the Radio in the Top 10?
Kanye on the list period? And no comment about how the T-Paid/Akon sound is four years old?
Fleet Foxes at Numero Uno?
And of course we all expected to see No Age [eh] and Deerhunter [snore] in the Top 10.
So they didn't fail us there.

So.. what are your thoughts?
Sound off in comments below.

What are my thoughts?
Come back next week and see my FaveAlbums2008.

Alright, I have one more final, tomorrow [Saturday] morning @ 10am.

After that, I'm enjoying a beer with lunch,
and then going snowboarding the rest of the day,
and then hopefully see Bon Iver make Julia's party the best ever.
A wonderful weekend, if all that happens.



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