Monday, December 15, 2008

FaveSongs2008: Part Tres

It's cold here in Madison. 

That middle one is totally wrong-- there's no way it's above 0.

Over the weekend it felt like March of April, 
and a lot of the snow we received last weekend or early last week melted. 

Cars now appear to be parked way too far away from the curb, 
because the three feet of snow that separated them before is now gone. 

My ceiling leaked onto my bed, and now there's a man in flannel and wool on the roof 
trying to fix that, for the third time this year.

And now, all over the city, people and little clumsy dogs are falling on their asses
and cars are unable to move uphill because all that meltoff froze over 
when the temp dropped like 40 degrees overnight.

Warm up with OHWNT favorites:

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