Saturday, December 13, 2008

Long Overdue: FaveSongs2008, Part Uno

Photo by my friend DanZim.

I'm at work. Or at least I should be. But I've had "best of" lists on the mind lately, and I've had these types of posts on the agenda for days, weeks even. 

But since I have final exams beginning Tuesday and not ending til Saturday, these will be quick and concise lists. Enough cheering out there.

Check back in the coming days as I'm trying to post 10-15 of my favorite songs of 2008 each day until.... well, until I run out. But that may be a while because I already have over 100 lined up. To make it easy for you, which is always my goal, bookmark this link.

And the only song that receives any ranking here is my bar-none Favorite. Song. Of. The. Year. Period.

ohwnt #1 Favorite. Song. Of. The. Year. Period: 

All the rest [of part uno, that is], in absolutely no fricking order whatsofrickingever:


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