Friday, November 28, 2008


I've been holding onto some things lately.

It's not even midnight here at my Thanksgiving weekend getaway, but everyone else is in bed [in their defense, everyone else is either under six or over fifty-six years]. And so I'm tired. And bored. I haven't been able to make myself catch up with blogwork or schoolwork, until now. But even now I gotta admit to you guys I'm not totally into it.

I am, however, totally into these guys. All the bands tonight are from Down Under, and all have been getting a lot of rotation in my iPod and iTunes lately. Get all tonight's tunes in a zip, linked at the bottom.

Empire of the Sun from Walking on a Dream

Pnau from Pnau

Bang Gang from Ghost from the Past

And here're some other Aussome Aussie tunes I've shared recently:


All songs in a ~60mb zip.


We sell Aussie music right here in the US even:


Stay tuned for OHWNT's faves of 2008 to come very soon. FaveAlbums2008, FaveSongs2008, and.... no, actually that'll probably about do it for my lists.


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