Wednesday, November 19, 2008

OHWNT dance party! with Louis La Roche

Wherever you're reading this, I hope you can stand up and 

This little tenmin minimix by this little disco youngster [erm, he's 17 or 18] below, UK's Louis La Roche is, as some brits say, a bloody corker! Or perhaps.. the dog's bollocks! 

Seriously, you don't have to like dance music or what some of you kids call [and makes me cringe] techno to want to cut a rug to this. You just have to have working ears, a heartbeat, and working hips. Don't believe me? Look at the tracklist-- it's got Prince on it!

So get up, close the door to your office, warn the people in the next cubicle, close your blinds, hop into the shower.... or better yet, load it onto your iPod and wait til you get on the bus or you're on the walk home.... and then BLAST THIS ISH! 

Louis La Roche - One Sampler, Glitch & a 909 vol 2 [streamable and downloadable zShare link]

Le Knight Club - Soul Bells
K.I.D - Don’t Stop
The Eternals - Wrath Of Zeus
Morando - Single Bell
Cassius - La Mouche (DJ Falcon Remix)
Da Mongoloids - Spark Da Meth (acapella)
Prince - I Would Die 4 U
Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (acapella)
Louis La Roche - Do You Remember? (edit)
Carl Bean - I Was Born This Way/Earth People - Dance
Earth, Wind And Fire - In The Stone (Louis La Roche Remix)


The Phantom's Revenge - Absolute Ego Riot [Louis La Roche remix]

Want more? You'll find Louis opening up a Teiam Playa mix I did earlier this year, back on this post in July.


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