Friday, November 21, 2008

I want to marry Liz Lemon : an ohwnt MegaPost

And Jack Donaghy.

This is the funniest thing on TV right now. And Liz and Jack are why.

I really don't know how she keeps a straight face through her "funny business" monologue.


100% Pure Awesomeness award-winning 30 Rock themed randomness [check below for all songs in one easily pocketable zip]:

Shuggie Otis - XL-30
Smashing Pumpkins - Thirty-three
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Rockers to Swallow
Spank Rock - Coke & Wet
Rocky Votolato - The Old Holland
Def Leppard - Rocket
Gary Glitter - Rock and Roll part 2
The Pack - Rock 'n' Roll
Justin Timberlake - Rock Your Body
The Books - The Lemon of Pink
Fools Garden - Lemon Tree
Beck - Jack-ass
Colin Meloy - Jack the Ripper
John Cougar - Jack & Diane
Justice - New Jack
Manitoba - Jacknuggeted

All 20 OHWNT MegaPost tuneages in one easy to download zip! [z alt d/l] Conveniently clocking in at 73min for this whole lot, you can fit them all onto any blank CD! It was a coincidence, I swear.

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This week's been a good and busy one for OHWNT [not for me, but for the pages]-- for some unexplicable reason so far we're clocking an average of just under 50 hits/day. That may sound pathetic, but hey! That's something to be proud of, so go tell all your friends about today's wonderfully random songs and let's set a record!

I think I already set a record for exclamation points and now I kinda wanna shove one down my throat and barf. Too much happiness.


Enjoy your weekend.


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