Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election + Change = an OHWNT MegaPost occasion

image courtesy of Dr Seuss and a largely unknown illustrator named me

So I'm confident.
It's happening.
I think there's gonna be change.

Most of my friends, who are grown up and have jobs would have been unable to vote today, and consequently waited in line last week or over the weekend. That's too bad, because I've always felt there's something special about voting on election day.

We may all be lucky to be voting in the first place, but I feel lucky just to vote today.

And I'm pretty sure I'm finally gonna, after a defeat in 2000 and a second in 2004, help elect the next PotUSA.

So in the spirit, whether they be loosely, latently or saliently in the spirit, here's an otherwise totally random some tunes for y'all [all in one zip at bottom]:

Presidents of the United States of America - "Lump"
Michael Jackson - "Black or White"
Daft Punk vs Adam Freeland "Aer-O-b-a-m-a"
2 Pac - "Changes"
Roots Manuva - "Revolution"
Te!am Playa [2 Pac vs The Cure] - "Close 2 Pac" ["Changes" vs "Close to Me"]
Van She - "Changes"
Gogol Bordello - "Go Revolutions"
The Blacks - "Back to Black" [awesome cover of Amy Winehouse]

Get all the patriotic songs right here, in one happy little patriotic 65mb zip file.
As my friend Julia said to me earlier in a txt msg, ¡OBÁMANOS!

Perhaps it's only funny if you know el español.

Happy voting.


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