Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One EskimO

London's One EskimO comes to Madison Friday, on tour with paisanos Gomez and supporting their own debut album, All Balloons. Their and icy music showcases vocalist Kristian Leontiou's lyrics and vocals. Leontiou channels Michael Stipe as much as Dave Matthews (don't hold it against him), Damien Rice and Gomez's Ben Ottewell-- which is to say, his vocals are quite nice. But perhaps more than that, it's the creativity surrounding the band.

First, there is no shortage of writing in this band's resumé-- first clue is their blog. But it doesn't stop there. The Adventures of One EskimO, a visual album as the band calls it, is an animated set to Balloons.

Check this space over the next few days for an exclusive interview with the band as well as a ticket giveaway to see them at the Majestic opening for Gomez. In the meantime, check out EskimoSpace or their website to stream some tunes. Check WB for more info about the visual album.


Molly said...

My Friday night just got so much better... where's the show going to be?!

RichieRichYall said...

What's this about a ticket giveaway? said...

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