Thursday, June 12, 2008

new Wolf Parade and Sigur Ros, and I'm off to Hawai'i


Above is the cover art for Wolf Parade's forthcoming album, their sophomore At Mount Zoomer. While I'm not crazy about the title, either, I'm super stoked about listening to the rest of this. These are the instant stand-outs.

Soldier's Grin
Call it a Ritual

California Dreamer

If you head on over to InSound and purchase the album now, you'll receive a cool free poster.
Otherwise, download it from iTunes or buy it locally at Strictly Discs.

A couple weeks back a new Sigur Ros tune surfaced in blogdom and was immediately, with reason, compared to Animal Collective. I think it's like an AC song with Jon Thor Birgisson on vocal duty in place of Avey Tare. That song, the misguidedly entitled "Gobbledigook" and one or two from the new album, the hardly pronounceable Með suð í eyrum við spilum end, are below.

The album is due 24 June; preorder it from InSound here, or download it from iTunes later.

Inní mér syngur vitleysingur
Suð í eyrum


Now, seriously, I'm off to to one or two of the wonderful islands of Hawai'i tomorrow. I'll be working for five days and then on vacay the rest of the time, spending the little bit of money I earn in those first five days. Be jealous. Although I'll be in the magical land of Jurassic Park, I'll still find a way to miss Madison.

Oh, and class ends tomorrow! Woot. Three credits in as many weeks equals no complaints.

But before that, I will be celebrating the life of my good freckle-faced friend who lived his last minutes as a Mexican this morning. That was, of course, not because he died but rather he was sworn in as a real life US American. His struggle from Mexican't to Ameriwon't was well worth it. In his honor I fabricated this [the bottom one]. "Hecho en Mexico" of course means "Made in Mexico". "Criado en EEUU" means "Raised in the US".

The Kills - "M.E.X.I.C.O."

Have a wonderful weekend. I hope you hear from me soon. Now I'm on down the coast to h-a-w-a-i-i, see you.



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