Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ingrid Michaelson, ticket giveaway!

In a completely unforeseen but totally rad event, Ingrid Michaelson's label Original Signal Recordings stumbled upon my Ratatat post last week and decided OHWNT was a good place for some promo for their girl Ingrid. AND, they're giving me tickets to Ingrid's show on her first headlining tour as she stops at the Barrymore this Saturday for me to give away to you +1!

You probably know Ingrid whether you've realized it or not. If you heard "The Way I Am" right now, you'd be like "oh, the Old Navy song". While it's wonderful the things that a little Grey's Anatomy or GAP, Inc or iPod facial will do for someone's career, these featured artists rarely live up to the hype built upon the thirty seconds of fame they get-- which in reality is often six seconds of their songs looped five times.

To jog your memory, "The Way I Am" [aka "that Old Navy song"] and the official video for it:

Like Feist before her who gained a lot of attention after being the singing star of some big box commercial, Ingrid is definitely an exception to the trend of unwarranted hype. This girl's got it. About a brasilian comparisons could be made [and probably are, on as many blogs] to nearly any of the most blogged about songwriting chanteuses, but I refuse to do that here. I'll admit I was very skeptical of the album due to all the hype, but was very impressed by the versatility and just how refreshing it is.

Head over to Ingrid's official website and stream all of her album Girls and Boys as well as other tuneage. Purchase Girls and Boys and other releases from there, or purchase and download from iTunes.

And now for the giveaway, thanks to Amy and Original Signal. Tell me in the comments section how far, in feet, you can spit a watermelon seed. Or tell me how many times you think Ingrid's been told she looks like Lisa Loeb. The correct answer wins a pair of tickets to Ingrid Michaelson at the Barrymore this coming Saturday night, 7 June. Be sure to leave your e-mail address so I can find ya.

Opening for Miss Michaelson is Greg Laswell. I only know Greg because I stumbled across his cover of Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" a few years back. Right-click download that here.



Anonymous said...

The show was great! thanks for the tickets!!

Anonymous said...

61 feet, 3 inches for men and 39 feet for women.