Friday, May 30, 2008

First FaveAlbum2008: Ratatat - LP3. Also: Teiam Player!

I think I mentioned it last week, that electroguitarchillfunk duo Ratatat's third album, LP3, would be the first contender for favorite album of the year. Well, I'm announcing it already. And what about this cover art?

[click for bigger]

When I first heard Ratatat a couple years back, I never thought I could be such a fan. Here are four highlights from their new album. I CANNOT STOP PLAYING THESE TRACKS!

"Falcon Jab"
"Mumtaz Khan"
"Shiller" [direct right-click-download mp3 link via GvsB]

Also, here's a couple classics from their second album, erm, Classics.


Go pre-order LP3 already:
Or wait for it to show up here:
Amazon, iTunes, Strictly Discs.


Also, you know I always like an excuse to post some Teiam Player tracks. Here's Tupac's "Changes" with two Ratatat beats from quasi-album 9 Beats. If you've got excellent memory, you already know that Tupac actually raps "rat-tat-tat" in this song. This was something I delightfully stumbled cross only after I'd started making the song. It felt like a Hollywood moment, ya know like when you have a song in your head and then turn on the radio and boom! there it is. No, I don't listen to the radio either. The Tupac thing is also one of those few times I begin to believe in fate. I still don't, mind.

Anyway, that Ratatat + Tupac mish was the original draft and outtake. The Tupac lyrics eventually found a better home in "Close 2 Pac", on top of the Cure's "Close to Me". You can hear that one over on the Teiam Player muxtape. But here below is another TP track, featuring beats from the same Ratatat EP and lyrics from Kelly Rowland's "Like This", which also features the magnificent Eve.

"Ratatat's Changes"
"Ratatat Like This"

Lame titles, I know. But the original Ratatat song titles are simply "One", "Three" and "Four", so there's not much cleverness with title-mashing I could do.

Also, one more song. Every time I listen to Ratatat, I can't help but think they're deeply influenced by songs like the Eagles' "Hotel California". Just listen to the backing rhythm guitar or whatever guitar it is, with the same sort of sound to it. Sounds just like "Lex" if you ask me.

Eagles "Hotel California"



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