Friday, May 23, 2008

New Muxtape: Aytch as in Hour

I don't know what the title means, I just like phonetically spelling out the letter H. It's always been a good fake name for me-- like "Hello, my name is Aytch E. Doublehockeysticks. Pleased to meet you."

So Muxtape lost a lot of everyone's tunes the other day, including my Ry mux. Lucky for all of humankind, the Teiam mux is still alive and kicking, streaming the unofficial "Teiamwork vol 1: Best of Teiam Player 2003-2007".

Anyway, the crash was the perfect excuse to create another mux with tunes I've been jamming to lately. I've only offered one or two of these tunes for download, and most likely won't post any of the others, so you'll have to go stream the mux to hear 'em all. It's a good mux; I'm jamming to it right now.


Ratatat "Mirando"
new stellar Ratatat from forthcoming LP3, which will probably be a contender for FaveAlbum2008.
Rolling Stones "Miss You" Umm.. duh.
Yacht "See a Penny [Pick it Up]" If you listen to this, you'll know why I put it here in the lineup. Yacht was rad when I saw him open for Vampire Weekend earlier this year.
Kid Cudi "Cudi Spazzin" A little jazzy/funky hip-hop from the "Day 'n' Night" Kid. Reminds me of some K-Os, both production and rhyme style. A bit diff than "D&N" fo shiz.
Broken Social Scene "Major Label Debut" [fast version] Awesome version of the normally downtempo tune.
Department of Eagles "No One Does it Like You" Was an OHWNT FaveSong20007 for good reason.
Cyndi Lauper "Lay Me Down" My friend DanZim whose photos I posted the other day was working a Cyndi video shoot in NYC this week. Lucky bastard. Watch this space for future post of hott tracks from her new album Bring Ya to the Brink.
Loose Cannons "Girls in Hats" UK KISS100 DJ and production duo with a crossover track-- hipster-, top40- and dancefloor-friendly all at the same damn time.
Treasure Fingers "Cross the Dancefloor" Another crossover, this one will be stuck in your noggin later.
Muscles "Hey Muscles I Love You" The Aussie boys who I've posted a couple times before with one that's always stuck in my noggin.
The Hood Internet "Light Falsetto Music" [Cut Copy vs The Dream] The Hood consistently make good mashes, but this like srsly tops the list for me. ABX totally got it right with this one, and I can't listen to the original Cut Copy ["Lights & Music"] anymore, because it totally lacks the falsetto ooooh, ooooh, baby!s.
Outkast - SpottieOttieDopalicious I used to hear this song all the time in bars, and never knew what the hell it was [yeah I must've never paid attention to Dre's unmistakable drawl]. Embarrassing Ry trivia to hold onto. Perfect summer chiller.

Go listen to the damn thing.

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Happy long weekend. And remember what it's for, yo.


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