Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Teiam Player @ Natt Spil tonight; also: tons of tunes

In a gig I've been referring to as my coming out of retirement, I will be playing whatever the hell I feel like. Because it's Natt Spil, because it's Tuesday, and because I'm me, and if you've ever seen me DJ, I usually tend to play whatever the hell I want anyway. The Spil is the perfect place for that.

Come for late dinner, where they make the best damn stone oven pizza around. Awesome wine list, too.

Listen to Teiam jamz here.
And be my friend here.

But if you really want a feel of what it's like to see my spin.... just show up tonight, causelikes no CD or nothin can represent. This comes closest, though; listen to Triller.

Here are some things I just may play tonight; who knows?

Get Your Head Around It
Cherry Tulips
Market Girl
School Boys
Some Racing, Some Stopping

El Perro del Mar
Glory to the World
From the Valley to the Stars

Flight of the Conchords
Foux du Fafa
Hiphopopatomous vs Rhymenocerous
The Most Beautiful Girl [in the Room]

Hot Chip
Out at the Pictures

Dark Leaves from a Thread
The State
Plaza Trinidad

Be Your Own Pet
Black Hole
Zombie Graveyard Party

Frightened Rabbit
I Feel Better
Bright Pink Bookmark


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