Monday, August 18, 2008

Teiam Player @ Natt Spil, Thursday

It's absolutely gorgeous in Madison right now and I'm going to try to make this quick so that I can go back outside. I started this post out there, but after the 3pm sun started making my laptop smell like melting plastic I decided it was time to come in.

Anyway.... That's right, kids. As I recently mentioned, this crazy guy above will be DJing at Natt Spil. And don't worry- I may be wearing a hat, but it will not be that one.
Thursday night.
21 August 2008.
10pm --> 1.30am
Come one, come all. It'll be a grand ol time.

And as I usually tell friends in an effort to get them to come out, if you request a song in advance, if you show up I will play it. There are few exceptions-- but chances are that if it's on the Top 40 list, it'll be rejected. This request thingy also works if you do so when you show up, but chances are better I'll have it if you tell me in advance.

Enough of that.


But on that tip.. here I share some dancey tunes, some of which one may hear if he or she were to show up at a certain awesome little bar this coming Thursday night.

First, the remakes or remixes of 80s or 90s songs. These are great:
Anoraak - Talking in Your Sleep
the original is by the Romantics, remember?
Belind Carlisle - Heaven is a Place on Earth [Hidden Cat remix]
This is my current favorite song, and if you were my neighbor you'd know that too well by now.
Ruby Isle - Solsbury Hill.... ....removed per band's request
The original, by Peter Gabriel, was right up there with Smokey Robinson's "Tears of a Clown" [first OHWNT'd here] as one of my favorite songs to whistle to. Srsly. This Ruby Isle remake is awesome, as is pretty much every other song they've redone. They have a habit of it.

Now some other top tunes which I've been loving lately:
Santogold - Say Aha [Tepr remix]
Another good Santi track, another good remix.
Van She - Virgin Suicide
Van She are from Australia. And like paisanos Cut Copy, Mystery Jets, they make really good music. Heavy 80s new wave influence, and a lot of dance stuff [they also have several dance remixes of others' tracks out there]. This song is a bit more low key.

Now some Teiam Player refizzes. These are basically some dance mash-ups I did recently, mostly to put on the mixtape I mentioned here and here [it's good! go download it! it got me a good gig!]. Without further..
Mr Miyagi - Pick Your Poison [Felix Cartal remix] [Teiam Player Clipse Love You edit] A gritty electro house track with Clipse vocals [from a JT song!] tossed over top.
Soulwax "Miserable Girl" [Royal Rumble remix] vs Britney Spears "Outrageous" [Teiam Player Invites Prodigy edit]
Two soundalike gritty electro house tracks with Mobb Deep's Prodigy over top. Note: the Britney song sounds nothing like a Britney song.
Heavy D & the Boyz - Now That We Found Love [Teiam Player Hey Muscles I Love You edit]
The classic Heavy D track paired up with the recent classic Muscles "Hey Muscles I Love You".

As always, go buy some musics:
Strictly Discs : Turntable Lab : iTunes : Amazon

Have a killer night.


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Clermont Candice said...

I hate to do this by leaving a message on your blog. I can't find any other way to contact you, but per request of the band, could you please remove Ruby Isle - Solsbury Hill? They do not want this particular track leaked out. I can supply you with another track if you'd like to post that, but they don't want Solsbury Hill linked. Thanks, in advance.