Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lucinda Williams Rocks Madison, Don Draper is awesome, more music to come this week to OHWNT and Madison

Well I have survived the awkward pumping fists and little kicks of all the 50-somethings that came off their Willy Street porches to fill up the Orpheum tonight. My friend Julia [who likes to call Lucinda LuLu for reasons unbeknownst to me] and I were by far the minority, for several reasons: 
[a] we were sober 
[b] we are under 50 
[c] we knew, collectively, no more than sixty percent of the words to one chorus 
[d] we both forgot our Harley muscle sleeveless // babydoll tees at home 
[e] we know how to dance

And after the show tonight, I have a couple new favorite Lu songs. I can't say how much the band rocked it tonight. Guitarist Doug Pettibone had several solos that just blew me away. Very refreshing, the Buick 6 axeman stole the show a few times, if you ask me-- perhaps just the times when he was probably supposed to. But also, methinks, when Lu was a little slower to remember some of the lyrics of her older tunes.

My new favorites [I swear, it's total coincidence they're both about sex]:
"Come On", from last year's West
"Righteously", from 2003'S World Without Tears

It was a good show.

Lucinda on Letterman:

More Lucinda I posted in last week's megapost:

"Honey Bee"from her new Little Honey
"It's a Long Way to the Top"from Little Honey
"Jackson"from 2006's Car Wheels On A Gravel Road
"Joy"from Car Wheels On A Gravel Road


In the coming week I will bring you tasty new treats from some new-ish bands [new period, new to me, new to you, whatever], to include:

Shearwater, whose digitally released EP Snow Leopard is available now from their website.
Wilderness, whose new album (K)no(w)here [which is awesome but annoying to type] is out soon. And don't get them confused with these partycrashers
Horse Feathers, who I geeked out about recently, and who are returning to Madison in two weeks. I also geeked out about them when they came last year [but I can't seem to find the story].

So come back for music from all of those.

But before that, and to tie you over until then, go read some Don Draper wisdom, at the Mad Man's blog:

Don Draper. Genius Hilarity.


Buy Lucinda Williams and others' musics:

Enjoy your Sunday.


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