Tuesday, February 24, 2009

NASA: oh, holy crap, something worthy of a new ohwnt post

what do you get when you get two of the most unique, iconic and mysterious artists of the 80s and 90s? pure awesomeness.  more on tom waits and kool keith later.

NASA, a collaboration of producers sam spiegel and dj zegon, has a new album. it is really really good. i had my doubts, partially because it's all guest spots and lots of hype and those kinda things usually kinda suck. but this doesn't.

the album is a who's who list of 00s indie and hip hop artists: kanye, santogold, spank rock, MIA, cool kids, lovefoxxx, amanda blank, etc, but also features david byrne [!!] on not one but two tracks. and the talking head delivers [much stronger than his appearance on this year's other superstar-laden guest-spot album by norman cook aka fatboy slim aka the BPA].

anyway.. then you got these two goofnuts:

NASA feat tom waits and kool keith - spacious thoughts

more from the album the spirit of the apollo:

NASA feat david byrne, chuck d, ras congo, seu jorge & z-trip - money
NASA feat sizzla, amanda blank & lovefoxxx - a volta
NASA feat spank rock, MIA, santogold & nick zinner - whatchadoin?
NASA feat the cool kids, ghostface killah, scarface & dj am - the mayor

puchase the album:

these tracks is hot
these tracks is hot.

welcome back.


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