Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Decemberists, Grizzly Bear

The new Decemberists album The Hazards of Love fell from the skies last night and into my ipod. Anyone see them when they came to Madison's Barrymore and rocked us with a rare live encore performance of The Tain in its entirety? That was wicked. 

It seems to this snooty blogger that each full album since The Tain has become more and more conceptual, and more and more sonically like that 20+ minute rock symphony, seemingly inspired equally by Jethro Tull, Black Sabbath, creepy nursery rhymes and seafaring deckhands.

In any event, this album rocks and is just as creative as any of their other masterpieces. I don't care if you hate that they sound like pirate music. I love these guys and can't wait til they come to Wisconsin.

Go preorder the album from InSound right here


This Grizzly Bear album has to be the most highyl anticipated album since tight-jeaned hipsters queued up online to download fake leaks of Animal Collective's album in January. Well, a 'ok-quality' rip of the album Veckatimest leaked recently, and I had to be all over it. Department of Eagles's In Ear Park was by far my favorite album of last year [you'd know that if you've been around these parts much, or if I ever got around to publishing a favorite albums list].

Anyway, it'll happen that this album will hit Pitchfork's end of year top 10, whereas DoEagles's beauty insultingly barely made their honorable mention. And the crazy part of that is that this sounds more like Department of Eagles than GBear's last album, Yellow House

The cover art is beautiful, too.

Told ya.

Go preorder the album directly from the band via GB // Ed Droste's blog right here


See, I haven't totally abandoned y'all.


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