Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Someone in Buenos Aires reads my blog

And I want to know who it is.

Who are you? Quien sos?

I know more about you than you may know-- well, mainly just the fact that you connect to the internet using Telefonica [or was it Speedy?], which isn't saying much because 98% of the country probably does. But you also enter my blog from my profile, which is sort of curious.

It would make more sense if my profile still listed me living in BsAs like it did.. when I lived there [or for four months after my return].

So.. otra vez,
quien sos vos?
Me conoces?
Si si, como?
Como encontraste mi profil

Pues.. aca te dedico a vos unos temas Argentinos.

Juana Molina "Micael"
Tanghetto "Inmigrante"

Y uno que yo oia mas que nada cuando estaba ahi, aunque no es de Argentina yo lo se.

Juanes "La Camisa Negra"

Pensaba en que tenia un tema de Bersuit, pero no lo podia encontrar. Fijate a Hype Machine para unos.

Chau, Boludo.


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