Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New music coming soon! Plus, my blog gets attacked

So first off, the RIAA has something against who in turn has something against me. I guess they're catching up with the blogging world-- more specifically, the ones who post illegitimate downloads. What I mean by illegitimate is any song that was not officially released for free download by a band or its label.

So basically, some of my old posts have mysteriously disappeared. Well, it was a mystery to me for about forty-five seconds, until I realized it was most likely behind the disappearing. And I'm not gonna say that they're wrong for doing that. I'm just sayin.

But what kinda counters this move is that since I finally thought to put up my e-mail address on the blog, I've been receiving e-mails from record labels and independent artists promoting their stuff. So that's cool. I've received some really good stuff and I've received some really bad stuff. In the upcoming days/weeks I'll catch up and let you in on the really good stuff, to include a great band from Seattle named Feral Children who have some new work out which was produced by the same guy who did Animal Collective's last two [fugging brilliant] albums.

In the meantime..

Let's try this again. I'm going to post two top tracks which I think were behind the two most recent blog post disappearances. Without mentioning their names out right, the first is an AWESOME new song from the band's forthcoming new album. The band's name has something to do with a television and the thing that's like a television but without pictures. If you still don't understand, here's a picture.

Download their new song, available only in streaming format from their website, here, in awesome mp3 format. It's the funkiest thing you'll hear all week.

And one more. This band's name is a group of children having something to do with a little conflict we had with the former USSR for like fifty years. That song, care you enough to hear it, is here.


Alright.. now since I started school again yesterday, I'm going to go do some homework.

Enjoy yourselves and check this space in the next couple days for new stuff from those awesome funksters Fujiya & Miyagi. That post will most likely get deleted soon, too, so get it while it's hot. Like, tomorrowish.


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