Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rokkin With Okkervil River

I've eluded to the awesomeness of Okkervil River's latest album The Stand Ins a few times already, if you've read closely. Or at all. It picks up right where last years The Stage Names left off.

This time the hype is real. Singer/songwriter Will Sheff is almost at Colin Meloy or Dan Bejar's level of writing here. Simply mahvelous.

Here are some tunes from the new album:

Okkervil River - "Singer Songwriter"
Okkervil River - "Starry Stairs"
Okkervil River - "Lost Coastlines"

And one older one that I just recently discovered, from 2002's Don't Fall in Love with Everyone You See. It's a murder ballad:

Okkervil River - "Westfall"

Go purchase Okkervil stuff:



My less talkative doppelganger Teiam Player rocks the Majestic friday night at Madison's most awesomest club night. Be there or be striken from my Facebook friend list. Click here to see a slew of related Teiam Player posts, complete with musics and mixes, old and new. I'll save you some time by sharing this nugget, which has been touted by friends as my instant classic. I made it in a time long ago, back before I was even the boyman Teiam Player.

Teiam Player - "Work it Black" [ACDC vs Beyonce]



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