Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bon Iver

Holy crap, I'm horrible. It's 11.11pm on a Saturday, I have a midnight deadline for a paper, I haven't posted anything here of any substance in over a week, and I choose now to do so?

Whatev. This guy from the Dairyland totally rocks. I can't stop playing this album from front to back, and then I start it all over and do it again.

Comparisons to Iron & Wine, Horse Feathers, Great Lakes Swimmers, Will Oldham, Phosphorescent aren't too far off. But this guy's from Eau Claire. Eau Claire, fer fack's sake! [that link, should you be too lazy to click it, is a link to the City of Eau Claire's official website; a page which, at least at this very moment, highlights as their top story Potholes - The "Hole" Story, and, not but a few lines beneath it, Adopt a Fire Hydrant; from this city, comes this man-- how'd they do it?!]

"Skinny Love"
"The Wolves [Act I and II]"
"Creature Fear"

All tunes from his album For Emma, Forever Ago. It is beautiful.

Buy the album at InSound

Madisonites: Bon Iver will be playing at the Orpheum Stage Door on 11 April. I suggest you highly consider going to the show. For one, you will see me there. And better than that, you will hear Bon Iver.


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Anonymous said...

Did you hear that Bon Iver and Bowerbirds are playing at The University of Wisc. Terrace on July 17? Better yet, it's a free show! Hurray. You should check out Bowerbirds too they're awesome: