Friday, March 14, 2008

Eek! New Animal Collective!

This has got to be the most bad-ass picture of these boys.

If you just want the music and not my blathering, all MP3 links are at the end.

The band behind one of my top three favorite albums of last year has a new EP. It will be awesome. Water Curses is out in May. I had no idea it was really in the making. I guess I shoulda known because every live performance they do, they play some new unreleased track. Just go search the YouTube. But thanks to fellow Madison blogster Remove Your Teeth, who I just recently discovered and should probably get to know, I was made aware. A taste is below. I'll perhaps post more when I have a chance to attentively listen to the rest.

Also, Australia's Gameboy/Gamegirl recently nabbed my attention via a recent iheartcomix promo mixtape. I'm not going to try and tell you what they sound like. Just listen to "Fruit Salad".

Why?'s album Alopecia hits the stores soon as well. I'm not totally convinced that it's a masterpiece, or that anything matches last year's "The Hollows", but the opening track "The Vowels Pt 2" is a pretty good start. The rest of the album finds lead man Yoni Wolf sounding like Buck 65 half the time and one of the They Might Be Giants guys the other half. Ok, I should mention that Wolf does in fact normally sound like that. Still.. a weird mix on one album, especially considering Why?'s diverse sound, somewhere between the quirky/weird hip hop of Busdriver or Subtle and.. something else entirely.

Tell me the Islands track below doesn't remind you of OHWNT fave and Madison local Pale Young Gentlemen.

Bon Iver still dominates the airwaves wherever I am. If you missed the tracks I posted last week, go get them. If you want more, one follows below. Again, Madisonites have a chance to see him in the flesh at the Orpheum Stage Door in April.

And last.. I recently went looking for songs with the phrase "team player" in it, for what should be obvious reasons, and it turns out that the ol' bandaid bandit from East St Louis once spat it in a tune. And I can't stop listening to it, either.

Animal Collective "Street Flash"
Gameboy/Gamegirl "Fruit Salad"
Why? "The Vowels Pt 2"
Islands "The Arm" [right-click]
Bon Iver "re: stacks"
Nelly "Another One"

Purchase released material at InSound or through iTunes.

It's 44' and sunny here in Madison, so I'm going outside because here after a long winter 44 is almost t-shirt and shorts weather.



Hoboghost said...

Hey man,

The Animal collective host,, isn't working--the website looks hacked.

Ry said...

Um, sure does. Thanks.

The link is fixed now.