Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Kills

1st note: it's not the Whites. 2nd note: this is only two people.

London's The Kills haven't put out an album in three years. No Wow was pretty good. I remember getting more and more into The White Stripes at about that same time, and there used to be obvious similarities there. Or at least I thought there were. One girl, one guy, rocking some sound that few others do. Now, though.. jeez, I don't know what to liken their new album, Midnight Boom, to. It's like a.. BOOM.. at.. at night!

Srsly, though.. it's pretty moving. Danceable, that is. I totally wanna play it out at a club. If that sounds good to you, listen first to "Getting Down". But then check out the others, too. They rock. If you're looking for something a little different, or maybe more like the old Kills you may know, steer yourself to "Tape Song" first, which sounds like vocalist VV listened to a bunch of YYYs/Karen O before recording.

Good or bad: the entire album clocks in at just over half an hour; the longest track is still under four minutes, and two are under two minutes each.

The Kills, from their new album Midnight Boom:
U.R.A Fever
Tape Song
Getting Down

And a couple earlier tracks:
Pull a U - one of my favorites from their 2003 album, Keep On Your Mean Side
No Wow [MSTRKRFT rmx] [right-click, save-as] - everyone's favorite, remixed by everyone's favorite [although I think it's most everyone's opinion the original didn't need a remix and is still far better]

Buy the album from Amazon or iTunes [only $7.99 and you get bonus tracks!].

Madisonites: The Kills will be at The Annex on May 10.

I'm going down the coast to M E X I C O, see you.

Oh yeah, and OHWNT needed a new look. Melikes. Youlikes?


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