Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Howdy y'all.

Well it's spring break here in Madison and I've employed it nicely, I do believe. I've finally completed a huge music project I've been working on off and on for the past few months. I mentioned it here a couple weeks ago, where I gave a little five-minute snippet to listen to.

Anyway, stay tuned to see the entire 80-minute mix and all of its 200 [!!] sampled songs here soon enough. In the meantime, I have another offering.


In the meantime..

The latest Teiam Player song I have to offer is a bit different than most. First, it's not very dancey. Second, there are no hip hop // rap vocals. So.. if you typically steer clear of my TP crap because you don't like mash-ups or you don't like my mash-ups, or you just don't like me, at least give this one a chance first.

Here it is, a brilliant duo of Nellee Hooper and Jose Gonzalez, two beautiful voices coming together in Jose's cover of the Massive Attack original, with the original itself. I dig it. Bonus points, as always, for the third song sampled; it's an easy one.

Teiam Player: Massive Attack feat Jose Gonzalez - "Teardrop"

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