Thursday, December 6, 2007

Animal Collective: New Favorite Band?

I've always been an Animal Collective fan. Yes, I was born one, alright? No, actually I don't remember exactly when I became one, or how I found out about them, but I'm sure it had to do something with Pitchfork or a blog. And then an old roommate [you know who you are] bought me Feels on vinyl for my birthday [because I'm sometimes a jerk, she thought I didn't appreciate it very much but I really did].

Anyway, this year's Strawberry Jam has, as recently reported, become one of my favorites of the year. And so I went around looking for all the AC stuff I didn't already have. What I found was something I remember seeing but never listened to. It's a 2005 EP they did with Londonese 70s folk sonsgtress Vashti Bunyan, who recently became cool with indie kids as they re-discovered her album. The EP is called Prospect Hummer and is worth getting if you like the song below.

Animal Collective with Vashti Bunyan - "I Remember Learning How To Drive"
From previous FaveSongs2007 post: "Chores"
More AC from The Hype Machine.

Here's the official video for Strawberry Jam cut "Peacebone".

If the video isn't working, which for some reason it wasn't for me, click here.

Purchase Animal Collective shiz here.


Also, head on over to Pop Headwound to check out some chill covers of some of your favorite pop songs by Wakey!Wakey!. Just don't go by the band name because yes, I too find it obnoxious. Some signs point to this being a band but all the signs from the covers offered at PHW point to A Guy, His Piano And His Voice. My favorite is definitely "Say It Ain't So".


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