Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Favorite Band of the Week: Figurines

Denmark's Figurines and their 2007 album When the Deer Wore Blue have jetted themselves to the top of my listening order the past few days. And they've done it with poppy but not shallow tunes the likes of which I don't remember hearing on last year's blog-heralded Skeletons.

On Skeletons, I recall thinking these guys are trying to be the Danish Modest Mouse, as lead singer Christian Hjelm really did sound a little like the drunken masochist Isaac Brock. Only not drunken nor masochistic, as far as I've heard. But he is Danish, so he probably talks a little funny, by our standards.

Anyway, maybe I should go give that album another listen. That's if I can ever stop listening to this one. Seriously, in the last week it went from non-contender to currently sitting in the honorable mention section of my favorite albums of this year.*

So here are a few of the songs that did it for me:

"Childhood Verse"
"Let's Head Out"
"Drunkard's Dream"

Go buy When the Deer Wore Blue here.

*this much-alluded-to list which I may or may not contemplate, decide upon, type up and publish here soon. Until then, read the Muzzle of Bees picks. I may not agree with.. well, half of that list but MoB is without a doubt one of the best blogs around, even though you may not know it as well as Brooklyn Vegan or Gorilla vs Bear or Stereogum. Ryan spends so much bloody time on that thing, he's like Pitchfork in one body. Only nicer. It's unreal; he must not have a job. Just kidding, he does have a job. I'm sure he does. He probably does. Maybe he does. I hope he does. He's just really passionate about music. Anyway, loads of interviews, album and concert reviews, etc etc. And ya know what? He's a Madisonite, too. And he may be bonkers for ranking Boxer higher than The Flying Club Cup on his list [and Yeasayer and Menomena and Radiohead and LCD Soundsystem, for that matter], but I think I'm in the minority on that one [seriously, what's the big deal about the National anyway?].


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