Sunday, December 16, 2007

Party Rap! Plastic Little and the rest of Philly

NBC of Plastic Little

I hate using the word rap-- I think of the first time I heard Bone Thugs or Doggystyle. But party hip hip just doesn't have the same zing to it.

Anyway, PackofRats, SQUID, No Body's Child and Jon Thousand, collectively as Plastic Little, have been bangin club speakers all year [perhaps not here in Madison, but some club speakers, somewhere]. And my speakers here at home have sustained some Plastic treatment as well. They are about as close as I can get in my ceaseless quest to quench my Spank Rock thirst. Like Spank, they're from Philly and they also work with my favorite foul-mouthed female emcee Amanda Blank.

That's her on the left, with Naeem Juwan, aka Mr. Spank Rock. As these hipster/ party/ rap kids tend to be the trendsetters so all I have to say is jah fucking help us all if those shorts make a comeback.

Anyword.. Below are a few various tracks from the posse.. spotlighting a couple Plastic Little joints, as well as their Philly brethren Pase Rock. You may remember Pase Rock from this Teiam Player smash hit, where they were teamed up with some Primus.

Word, y'all.

Plastic Little - "I'm Not a Thug"
Plastic Little - "Jump Off"
Plastic Little feat Spank, Amanda, & Ghostface - "Crambodia"
Plastic Little feat Spank & Diplo - "Now I'm Holler", featuring a PJ Harvey sample
Pase Rock feat Diplo - "The Motherfucking Rave is Over"
Aaron Lacrate feat Amanda, Spank - "Blow"
Spank & Benny Blanco as Bangers & Cash - "Pu$$y", from Bangers & Cash
Spank Rock feat Amanda - "Bump", from Yoyoyoyoyo --skip straight to 4:00 to hear Amanda wax poetic in her best appearance to date
Santogold feat Spank - "Shove It"
Chromeo feat Pase Rock - "Bonafide Lovin'" [Eli remix]

And go here for a little Eli remix of Britney's "Gimme More" featuring miss Amanda Blank

Plastic Little - She's Mature
If you really need to buy any of the other stuff, look first at Turntable Lab.


On a separate note, Santogold deserves her own post.. I am simply too lazy to go ahead and do it, so instead go to the SantoSpace and go read some other posts that other bloggers have written.
Trust me, if you're a fan of the idea of a strange hybridization of M.I.A. and Karen O, then you only owe it to yourself. Have I ever led you astray? Fine, see it here for yourself.

That's Spank Rock who comes out dancing like a crazy twelve year old white boy.

Coke and wet bitch, guns ninja holllllllllllla.


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