Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Favorite Songs of 2007, Part Seis

Happy Snowy Day, Madisonites. I helped shovel the weekend's snow-turned-to-ice from my friend's driveway this afternoon, and by the time we were done my car was totally covered in a beautiful fluffy blanket. And now I want to go snowboarding.

Here's another list of tunes. Faves. From this year. Hence the title.

Kano - "The Layer Cake", from some bootleg mixtape
Menomena - "Evil Bee", from Friend or Foe
St Vincent - "Now Now", from Marry Me
Yeasayer - "Wait for the Summer", from All Hour Cymbals
Kelly Clarkson - "Never Again" [no, seriously; I mean it's no "Since U Been Gone", but let's not kid ourselves, what is?], from My December
Dntel feat Grizzly Bear - "To a Fault", from Dumb Luck
Pase Rock - "Lindsay Lohan's Revenge", from Lindsay Lohan's Revenge 12"
Brazos - "Miss Virginia", A City Just as Tall [I'm buying my copy from iTunes as I type]

Bonus! Teiam Player's keep-the-perversion-going remix of Pase Rock tune, featuring Primus's "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver". You do the math. Ok, I will.
Pase Rock + Primus = "LiLo's Big Brown Beaver"

Buy your new favorite artists here, here, here or here [Insound, Other Music, iTunes Store, or Amazon].

Be sure to check out all the other favorites.

Now go play in the snow.


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Rachel said...

Did you take that picture? It's amazing.

One of your favorite songs from this year is by Kelly Clarkson? Do you know how much more I respect your music taste now? And like you as an overall person? Not sarcasm.