Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oh, Neon Neon

Everyone who was in serious Spank Rock mode earlier this year and surfed blogs trying to get a much-needed fix in the wake of Yoyoyoyoyo has probably already heard the Spank Rock-, Amanda Blank- and Har Mar Superstar -featuring "Trick for Treat". The tune dropped on the NeonSpace and was leaked somewhere in high-quality format. Although that happened in the spring of this year, the album isn't being officially released until 2008, and it may [or totally may not be, as I'm often wrong] be the indie cousin to "Crazy".

Neon Neon is the Super Furry Animals lead animal Gruff Rhys and Boom Bip together. Boom Bip in the past has always made pretty chill beats, but earlier this year released Sacchrilege, which was more an electro EP [and was even featured in a Teiam Player tune, featuring Rhianna; you may have the chance to hear it someday]. Anyway, Gruff Rhys offered vocals on "Dos and Don'ts" [MP3 below], the best cut from Boom Bip's 2005's Blue-eyed in the Red Room, and then apparently the two showed a liking for each other, creating Neon Neon sometime between then and now.

So the album should drop in 2007 but since they knew they had us waiting for so long anyway, they released the the "Raquel" double A-sided single, which contains a Hot Chip remix of "Trick for Treat" as well as the original, and an alternate mix of the title track.

I don't care who Raquel is. I can't stop listening to this.
[edit: in case you didn't notice it, it really absolutely truly indeed is about Raquel Welch. Awesomer.]

Boom Bip feat Gruff Rhys - "Dos and Don'ts", from Blue-eyed in the Red Room
Neon Neon - "Raquel", from Raquel

iTunes the MP3s here.
Get the Neon wax or CD-S straight from the record label, Lex.
Pre-order the album from Insound.

Now let's get back to writing papers.


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