Tuesday, December 18, 2007

WTF? Vanessa Carlton, that's WTF, B!

Yes. Seriously. This girl has always been a guilty pleasure of mine, but.. why should I feel guilty? Screw that, I'm embracing it. First it was "A Thousand Miles" which I heard a brasilian times on the radio but was always too embarrassed to ask about. Then when I was hit again with "White Houses", I recognized the voice and piano, and just had to know. That song remains to be the the best thing to come about a girl losing her virginity since this beautiful romantic masterpiece.

Anyway, Vanessa has a new album, Heroes & Thieves. I'm not going to tell you the whole album's amazing, because the sad truth of the matter is that it probably isn't. But she does once again deliver one quite awesome tune, the opener and first single "Nolita Fairytale". It's the whole point of this post, really. "This Time" ain't bad, either. Disappointing is the track which Stevie Nicks appears on. You decide for yourself. Parts of it remind me of "American Pie". Don McLean's, not the stupid movie.

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"Nolita Fairytale", from Heroes & Thieves
"This Time", from Heroes & Thieves
"The One" feat Stevie Nicks, from Heroes & Thieves
"A Thousand Miles", from Be Not Nobody
"White Houses", from Harmonium

And look, she's hella cute, too.

In every single one of these pictures, she's looking right at me.

Except this one. I probably just said something stupid and she was trying to look mad.

In the one she's looking at my picture on the floor.

I think I'll make "WTF?" a recurring theme, where I tell you all of the wonderful things I listen to when no one else is around.


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