Sunday, December 2, 2007

Favorite Songs of 2007, Part Cuatro

An almost wordless post; only the necessary ones [ie, no fun].

Some more of my favorite songs of 2007 and the albums to purchase them from [with links to do just that].

Pela - "Cavalry", from Anytown Graffiti; 88%
Modest Mouse - "Spitting Venom", from We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank; 60%
Jose Gonzalez - "Down the Line", from In Our Nature; 62%
Animal Collective - "Chores", from Strawberry Jam; 90%
M.I.A feat Timbaland - "Come Around", from Kala; 64%
Decibully - "If I Don't Work", unreleased
Ghostface - "Chunky", from J-Love's Street Savior Part 5 [bootleg mixtape]; 23%
Reina Boone - "Beauty of It", from her self-released sampler EP; 24%
White Denim - "Mess Your Hair Up", from Let's Talk About It; 31%

All truckers roll.


Other news: I kinda can't wait for The Cool.


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