Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Favorite Songs of 2007, Part Dos

Remember, these are in no particular order.

And remember the percentage significance [last hint: it is the chance that this album would make my fave albums list].

Apparat - "Fractales" parts One & Two, from Walls; 88%
I feel like I've talked about Apparat ever since I got the album over the summer. I liked it immediately, and it's only grown on me since. Apparat is now known for being the driving force behind Ellen Allien & his wonderful Orchestra of Bubbles [which is strangely just about the most accurate title for a record that I've seen], and he's currently probably my favorite electro/glitch producers. "Fractales", in two parts, is some of the best work I've heard of his. The comedown which is "Part 2" wouldn't sound out of place on a Sigur Ros record.

Chromeo - "Tenderoni", from
Fancy Footwork; 55%
Umm.. this is just funky as all hell, and if you can't get over yourself and dance to it then you need to stop coming to this space.

CRS [Lupe Fiasco, Kanye & Pharrell] - "Us Placers", originally from * NA%, for the mixtape, holmes. 66% for Graduation.
I was originally really hesitant of the Thom Yorke sample, as it's just as obvious as Kanye's Daft Punk sample in "Stronger". But who am I to criticize-- I blatantly sample all sorts of recent crap. I guess I just expect more out of proper producers-with-studios, who should leave the mash-up fodder to us kids-with-computers. Anyway, it's hard to not like a track which is based on a song which you already like so much, and the three boys' flow is smooth like butter. So is Thom's.

Give it up for:
Lupe: "a closet full of clothes and some brand new dangers // and some mexican floral arrangers"
Kanye: "look at all the new beautiful faces // at-home supermodel's MySpaces"
Pharrell: simply for rhyming GlaxoSmithKline.

*Originally appeared on Kanye's pre-Graduation mixtape Can't Tell Me Nothing, but then Kanye decided he had to have it on his album and that's probably ok since he produced it and all; in the end, it's a bonus track or on the export versions of Graduation or something. I also heard it may be coming out on Lupe's new record, The Cool, although it looks like that intel may be inaccurate.

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