Friday, November 23, 2007

Twin Peaks

The absolute most frustrating thing all day has been this damn internet here at the Palacio McCormick. I won't go into details, but I sat here in the kitchen for more than twenty minutes while a page was waiting to load. Luckily I had something else to do-- channel surf and wait for someone to pass me some more pecan pie.

In my channel surfing, I discovered Twin Peaks is playing on Chiller. My first thought was what the hell is Chiller? which was followed quickly with whatever it is, it seems like a fitting place for Twin Peaks. They must be limited with the chilling, syndicated, avant-garde television series they run, but wait-- if I can manage to stay up another five hours, Tales From the Crypt will be on. Honestly, that just may be worth it.

I will admit that when it first aired, Twin Peaks was a little too out there, or there just weren't enough things blowing up or showing their cleavage for this eleven-year old to keep interest. I know my ma watched it, and I think my sister at least pretended to enjoy it.

A few years ago, on his DJ mix series album Back to Mine, Alex "The Orb" Patterson featured the theme song from the show. It's Angelo Badalamenti's "Fire Walk With Me" and hearing it on that mix in a local record shop was the first time I had heard it in about fifteen years. It's truly chilling, which leads me to commend Chiller for scoring Twin Peaks.

A further search of this song shows that it appears on loads of different compilations, from ambient/chill mix CDs to.. well, more ambient/chill mix CDs. I think I saw it on a Pure Moods somewhere. Well, I finally tracked down a link to download it, thanks to Battle of the Midwestern Housewives. Go get it here.

Now I'm gonna try to stay awake for TftC.


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