Thursday, November 8, 2007

Free Illegal Art

Girl Talk's record label Illegal Art are doing some good promotion in the form of a free mini-promo CD. It's only four tracks, but it makes all the kiddies happy with a GT track, "Let's Run This". That track is nothing too different from anything heard on Night Ripper, which I guess means.. it's good but nothing new and exciting.

Highly anticipated but sort of a letdown was the Steinski track. Steinski, of Double Dee & Steinski's "The Lesson" fame, is some kind of old hip hop bookworm sample nerd. "The Lesson" which they did back in the 80s were seminal moments in sampling and killer breakbeat tracks. Unfortunately, although it's entirely possible this free track is just as old, it doesn't seem like he's progressed very much at all.

What I am sort of both impressed with and annoyed by, however, is the track offered by Oh Astro. It's fun in the way you hear some of your favorite dancealong songs of earlier this year but it's also a pest in the way you hear some of your favorite dancealong songs of earlier this year, because
the original grooves are never fully established, instead mixed together to create new grooves. You'll see what I mean if you go download the ZIP directly from the Illegal Art website here.

And then someone please go tell me how Illegal Art is able to survive as a legit record label who produces nothing but sample-based music of which they don't always get cleared or pay royalties. Or maybe I'm completely wrong about that. Nah, they're criminals.

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