Monday, November 19, 2007

Sufjan rocks out, Matt Pond PA pops!

I been holding onto this Sufjan Stevens for a hot minnit. I meant to e-mail it out a while back, but never got around to it. I absolutely love almost [mmm, Enjoy Your Rabbit, anyone?] everything he does, but I think every once in a while he should rock out with his swan out. That one guitar part kept putting the lyric "come along if you care! / come along if you dare!", which made me go look it up. It's the Amboy Dukes, aka The Nuge's band.

Rock on, The Nuge.

Sufjan Stevens "In the Words of the Governor"

And bad naysayers [haha, geddit?] of Soof who think he's all snooty and NYC-hipster and ish, go read this old Stereogum blurb [which was excerpted from Salon], Sufjan Admits he's Full of Shjit. Ha! Title alone gets me. It's worth the thirty seconds, so go.


Also, a track off the new Matt Pond PA album Last Light. One of my favorite songs of the past few years just so happens to be a MPPA tune--"Measure 3". Go figure, then, that I've never been all too excited to hear his new stuff [main reason: I usually find it kinda boring]. But, hey! this song is poppy as hell, and I'm lovin it. Third time in a row now.. somebody stop me.

Matt Pond PA "People Have a Way", from Light Years


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