Friday, November 16, 2007

Finally I Speak My Mind

[continued from OHWNT post Angola's "Watch My Feet"]

Now just how I stumbled upon that video is slightly interesting. It comes from a great blog, Awesome Tapes From Africa, which is really cool if you're into realizing that the rest of the world not only listens to funky fresh joints, but makes them, too.

And I got the ATfA link from the UK's Guardian blog, which posted an interesting post here. The Guardian blogster basically states that MP3 blogs are the root of all that is evil on the internets.

But I got the Guardian link from Nothing But Green Lights, a pretty good Kingdom-based blog which tells us all about the British indie scene. NBGL [of whose name I'm still trying to find meaning just as I'm sure, if by some strange happening he ever saw my blog he'd wonder just what the hell it means as well], as an MP3 blogster, disagrees with The Guardian and thinks that sharing MP3s is our jahgiven right.

I have a little [edit: a lot of] interest in this, not because I recently started this machine and now thousands if not millions of people across the globe read it on a daily basis, but because I find it all very interesting. Despite the fact that I share music and sometimes hype up bands, I have the belief that MP3 blogs help oversaturate pop culture with too many bands. Yes, too many. The fact that there are too many bands isn't necessarily the problem; a lot of options is a good thing. But so many choices only means that, naturally, a lot are going to be forgotten about, and therein lies the problem.

Loads of new songs of bands we've never heard of are available every day. I contend that because there is so much choice, all these new songs just blot out yesterday's new big thing. Sure, if you like something, you really like it. I'm not doubting the individual's capability of knowing what they like [I can only doubt my own capability of remembering all of the things I like]. But I question the capability of the consuming audience as a whole, which I think indirectly effects the staying power of a lot of these bands.

So why do I continue to share? Well, because I'm not a part of blogdom fame, and I'm basicall sharing with friends. Oh, and then there's the fact that I aim to be part of the root of all that's evil.

Am I making any sense? Do you have any thoughts? Please sound off, let me know what you think. I'm genuinely interested in what you think.

And just to make this more fun, here's an ancient Teiam Player tune, back before that name even existed. Talk about staying power..

AC/DC + Beyonce + Teiam Player cheekiness = "Work it Black"


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Liz said...

work it black will always be your masterpiece