Monday, November 5, 2007

Post #6'978 - will this be my new addiction?

I feel like I've been doing this for months already. Years, perhaps. I've been blogging to my mother for years, only I've always called it everyday e-mailing. Most everyone else would call it outright rambling. I've also been blogging in e-mail form to a small group of friends for several months. Why pester-- torture, even-- them like that? All in the name of kindness through sharing music.

I have yet to decide how exactly I'll continue sharing music through this forum; I'll probably have to start using those damned annoying free file sharing websites that other blogs with little or no readerbase [read: income] use.

Anyway.. that's what this will be, in general. Another bloody music blog. I'll try not to be too snooty.

So, all receivers of the Silver Harm Sugar Hives Drunken Hands blog-o-list: bad news? You may have to start frequenting this space instead. Good news? I can't think of any.

One music note: recently I've been completely and totally addicted to Soulwax's pounding remix of The Gossip's "Standing in the Way of Control". Go hear why.

Happy freaking Winter.

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Stephanie said...

i've been loving that gossip tune too! and... covert curiousity (dammit i don't know how to do links) posted a fantastic writeup of one of their live performances that's great fun too. :0)
&....... it's ALL def. good news.
: )