Tuesday, November 6, 2007


In doing research for a television presentation, I stumbled across this. I had no idea that this was a possibility! I fear, as often goes with smallscreen-to-bigscreen [or vice-versa, as in my revelation below] films, that it can't be nearly as good unless it uses the original cast.

Although M*A*S*H the film with Alan Alda would have been approximately thirty-seven times better than the one with Sutherland's Hawkeye, and that's saying a lot, so....

I don't know, perhaps they really can find a more lovable and sailor-mouthed gangster than Swearin' Swearengen and make something as good as [but probably not better than] the brilliant but short-lived series. Still.. I have my many doubts.

No music here for now, sorry, but I'll try to find the Deadwood theme song somewheres, cause it actually is pretty dern good.

Edit: it's here.

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Stephanie said...

hah! clever fella, you. : )