Friday, November 9, 2007

Teiam Player: the Return

Welcome back, Teiam! This is the first track I've made since early August. And I probably shouldn't have even made it, since I still have loads of homework to do.

When I first heard Pharrell & Twista's "Give it Up", I heard the Swizz Beatz beats of Eve's "Tambourine" all the way through it, and wanted to swap the acapellas and beats of each. Well, it only really worked well this way, keeping the Swizzbeat. At first I was basically just mashing the two together, but then I had a bunch more ideas.. this is the finished product; hopefully not too convoluted.

__Pharrell & Twista "Give it Up"
+ Eve "Tambourine" + a couple others
= Teiam Player - "That Girl Gonna Tambourine it Away"


__Timbaland, et al "The Way I Are"
+ Salt-n-Pepa "Push It"
= Teiam Player - "The Way I Pushes It"



Corey said...

This sounds gooooood, Teiam Player. Nice work! (This is Laura, not Corey.)

Liz said...

yeah this is good.