Monday, November 26, 2007

Make Your Own Damn Lists

Head over to CatBirdSeat's handy dandy Best of 2007 cheat sheet if you're sick of reading my wicked retahded crazy long rambling hard-to-decipher incredibly mathematically complex lists and want to make your own. While I don't agree with all inclusions, and think some great ones are left out, I do like how they're all broken up. I especially like the Bonus Pitchfork Points under the 'wildcard' section.

And if you have plenty of time and patience to read others' lists [not to mention reckless abandon in not regarding my professions as the one and only true written word], go over to LargeHeartedBoy and check out his ever-growing list of Other Bloggers' favorites. And hey, look! Somehow I even made his list.


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