Monday, November 19, 2007

There must be some kind of mistake!

I logged onto my own blog from my laptop this afternoon, in order to go download a Teiam Player song, "Int'l Player's Plot" which I posted in yesterday's first installment of Faves of 2007. Well, pictures are worth a thousand yadayada, so that saves you a few.

Can you see it? Like, over 1500 downloads. I don't understand. I went and checked some other OHWNT download links and, nope, only a large handful of downloads for each. So.. why so many for the one?

I still have no answers. Maybe some other blogger/uploader doesn't understand CTRL+C and CTRL+V and accidentistly mistyped my song's link instead of his. Maybe one of you had a lot of time on your hands and intentionally did it, just to screw with my head. But I'm guessing that, while hearing the song stream, someone fell asleep on their keyboard and somehow mashed some keys which made it refresh the page.. 1500 times.

But really, if for some reason there were actually over one thousand people who downloaded that song, I really wish it wouldn't have been that song! I always felt it was kinda undone, and never felt like finishing it. Oh well.

So now here's a better one, fresh from last night. I like this one, so someone make it magically be downloaded 1500 times. And it just happens to be another White Rabbits tune.

Kid Sister + White Rabbits + Digitalism =
Teiam Player "Kid Sister On My Shoulders"


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